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Love has No Limits

Feel the love inside. Let it shine through. Let it be the beacon that guides you through this life of chaos and turmoil. There is greatness to be had in a life that is filled and led with love. Make sure to bring the light into your body, mind, and spirit so that you will feel the love that is there for you. Pull others closer into your heart and show them the love that is there for them. For it's through love that all things are healed. You have the power daily to heal yourself and others. Sharing a heartfelt hello and smile with someone has the healing power of the universe within it. Use this power within daily. Guide and awaken others to the power of love that awaits their discovery. Lead by example and others will follow you in the path of love. This is the path of least resistance and abundance. The path of more. Love has no limits. Life has no limits. Dwell within the power of love for a limitless extraordinary life. Be the embodiment of love for all to see and feel.

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