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Love is the Key

It is important to understand these times that you are coming into now. There will come a time where you will be completely aware of everything around you. The Earth, the Moon, the Stars, the Creator and so much more. You will understand the nature of the Universe and all of its magic and glory. This will come when you are all in the state of love, or oneness. Each of you must play your part in the whole. Each of you must feel love and compassion towards each other in order for oneness to take hold. Begin with yourselves and you will radiate this oneness to others. Let it be contagious so that it becomes the only contagion that exists. Allowing the light of heaven to heal all things, all beings, all of humankind. Allow all to be as it should be, Heaven here on Earth and throughout the cosmos. Believe in this and the kingdom of heaven is yours now. Know this is all possible through your love and compassion for each other. I believe in you... go forth into oneness and true bliss. Once you've found it, show others the way. This is the path to the Kingdom, we are waiting for you all. ~ the Luminary

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